8 Simple Checks to Boost Your Website

May 13th 2014       Sally Ormond       boost your website, internet marketing, website design

Although there are some great websites out there with persuasive web copy, eye-catching images and easy-to-follow navigation, there are still a lot that fall short in those departments.

But all is not lost. If your website is a bit lacking, there are a few things your can do that don’t involve an expensive redesign.

1. About Us

I’ve said it many times, your web copy must be written for your readers. That means no ‘we’ and lots of ‘you’ and benefits.

That can cause a headache for most business owners because they just want to shout about their company and what they’ve achieved. Well, to cheer you all up, the About page is the one on which you can talk about yourself – kind of.

Your About page should tell you readers what makes you different to everyone else, your ethos, why you do what you do and also some personal information about you (to show that you’re human) and your team along with a few mug shots (to prove you’re real).

2. We’re here

Make it easy for people to find you by providing your physical address and a Google map, plus pictures of your premises are a great idea so they recognise it when they arrive.

3. Hanging on the telephone

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to hunt around a website to find a phone number.

Make it easy for your customers and potential customers to get in touch with you. Have your phone number clearly visible in the top left hand corner of your header.

4. Bye bye typos

Typos look sloppy and although I know how hard it is to spot all of them, if you get someone else to proof your copy for you, you should find all the slippery little suckers.

5. Rules

This one is for all you site owners out there with customer logins.

The Internet is a wonderful thing as it means you can get all your Christmas shopping done without having to fight your way through town.

The downside is most sites want you to create an account in order to shop with them. If your site is one of these and you have rules about how many letters passwords should have and whether they have to be a mixture of numbers and letters, please tell the user before they think of something.

There’s nothing more annoying than having come up with a password only to be told it’s not long enough or doesn’t contain the right combination of characters.

6. Mobile

Mobile devices account for over 20% of all traffic to e-commerce sites and 1 in 3 mobile users access the Internet through their phones.

That’s why it’s so important your website is mobile friendly. After all, if they try to access your site and it’s slow or unreadable, they’re going to head off in search of another site that’s easier to use.

7. Social

Yes, social media is taking over the world.  Unless you want to be left behind, you must make sure your site is social.

Offering customers the ability to share your stuff with their friends is vital to spread the word. Twitter, Facebook and other social sites mean customers can talk to you easily and help promote your amazing service (it is amazing, right?) by telling their friends.

8. Great images

How many websites have you seen with woeful photography or stacks of stock images?

Don’t be tight, splash out and get some decent shots taken of your premises, stock, people etc. Make the images on your website unique.


These simple 8 tips will give your website a bit of a spruce up and a new lease of life.


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