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April 2nd 2015       Sally Ormond       Idea generation, newsletter content, newsletter ideas, newsletter marketing, Newsletters


Ideas to boost sales


You’ve made the decision to send out a monthly newsletter to your customers.

The idea of keeping in touch with them, sending them great information and offers appeals because you know it means they are more likely to come back to you when they’re in the market for your products or services.

Your first two issues practically write themselves, but then something happens.

Your ideas dry up.

Your newsletters start getting stale and “samey”, your click through rate is dropping, as is your open rate.

What do you do?

Give up?

No way.

You just have to start thinking a bit more.

Where do newsletter ideas come from?

I have a particular client I write a regular newsletter for.

It’s a bi-monthly production and usually I contact him with an idea for the lead story and then we work together to add in the rest of the information, such as offers etc.

So where do I get my ideas from?

My first stop is his website and blog. What have they been talking about? Once I find a suitable topic I do a bit more research to expand it and make it directly relevant to his audience.

What if there are no ideas?

Then I get on the phone and we have a chat about what’s been happening in the business over the past month. You’d be amazed how many content ideas that can generate.

You see, your newsletter themes don’t have to be about what’s happening right now in your business, they can be about wider issues. Perhaps a customer asked you a question? If they were interested in that topic perhaps other customers are too.

Look at what’s happening in your industry – new technologies that can be commented on, news stories that you can elaborate on, or events.

There are ideas everywhere; you just have to know where to look.

Read around. Listen to your customers. Talk to other staff members. All of these will generate ideas for future newsletters.

Tags: Idea generation, newsletter content, newsletter ideas, newsletter marketing, Newsletters
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