What Should You Be Writing?

May 5th 2015       Sally Ormond       Article Marketing, blogging, content marketing, content writing, copywriting


what should you write about


Your website needs content.

You know that and you have every intention of writing regular articles, but what are you going to write about?

Your products and services? You know a lot about them.

Your company? Now there’s nothing you don’t know about that.

How great you are? You are, aren’t you?

Forget it.

If any of those ideas ever cross your mind, banish them to its darkest recesses never to be thought of again.

Why shouldn’t you write about them?

If you do you’ll end up writing a sales pitch.

You may argue against the fact that it is a sales pitch, but once you’ve stripped back the hyperbole, army of adjectives and fluff that’s what you’ll be left with.

OK, so you can’t write about your business, your products or services, or about how great you are – what does that leave?

How about your niche?

You work in a dynamic industry. There’s always something going on, or ideas that will help your customers make their lives better.

The idea behind content marketing is not to sell, but to become a thought leader – a horrible marketing term, but one that serves the purpose here.

Your content should help and inspire. It should show empathy and offer your readers solutions to their problems (not in the form of your products and services).

It’s up to you to come up with articles that share knowledge and help your readers in a tangible way.

Leave the selling to your sales guys and girls and marketing literature (in all its forms).


Tags: Article Marketing, blogging, content marketing, content writing, copywriting
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